LIGHTTIME Photo booth

With every booking

  1. unlimited premium quality dye sublimation prints.
    (Have your choice of logos and wedding names at the bottom of each picture or just blank). Customers receive photo strips from their guests and thumbdrive with EVERY picture on it.
  2. touch screen user interface with voice prompts.
  3.  Ability to send the pictures immediately to email, facebook, twitter etc. (if the location has WIFI). If not we can make arrangements to send the pics the next day.
  4.  Large curtained area to allow as few as 2 or as many as 12 guests if needed in one shot.
  5.  Choice of backdrops or
    GREEN SCREEN TECHNOLOGY! (additional $75 charge) Yes that’s right – a user can choose to have ANY background placed behind them in the final picture and a preview of how that looks on the touchscreen before the picture is taken. eg. a dinosour coming through the woods, standing against an old western saloon etc.-An attendant with be on site to make sure everything runs smoothly.